McLaren spoke about the new car class Grand Tourer

McLaren spoke about the new car class Grand Tourer

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A custom-made car will be the most suitable supercar of the brand, as a Grand Tourer class car.

The British company McLaren has announced plans to build its first real Grand Tourer class model, or GT. This is a sports car that is not only adapted for time trips, but also for traveling.

In recent years, McLaren is committed to producing exclusively supercars with a medium engine. The company’s latest announcement suggests that the brand first decided to go in a different direction – and, unlike its competitors, it is not going to offer a crossover.

“The fourth McLaren, presented in the Track25 business plan, will be our interpretation of the Grand Tourer,” said Mike Flevitt, general manager of McLaren.

“It will be a car that combines great power with the possibility of crossing the continent, which will get a beautiful and lightweight body.”

“This is a car designed to overcome long distances, and which will also provide comfort. He will have a level of maneuverability that has never been in this segment, ”he added. “It will be the lightest of all Grand Tourer, and besides, he will get the best ratio of power and weight. I promise the car will be one of the fastest. ”

Flevitt also confirmed that the upcoming car will share its DNA with the McLaren Speedtail three-seater hypercar (in the photos). This will be a unique, custom-made model that will not replace any of the existing products in the McLaren portfolio.

Neither the final design nor the name of the car is not yet known, but McLaren promises that the car “will be sleek, beautiful and elegant.”