McLaren Speedtail Super Hybrid first hit the market

McLaren Speedtail Super Hybrid first hit the market

October 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Dealer from Dubai asks for $ 3,850,000 for a car

Tomini Classics, a Dubai dealer, has added a live McLaren Speedtail to its collection. There will be only 106 such superhybrids. This is the second in a row, and by the order of the current owner it is equipped with options for 600 thousand dollars. For the car itself, meanwhile, they ask for $ 3,850,000.

The McLaren Speedtail Hybrid is called the fastest British model with a confirmed maximum speed of 403 kilometers per hour. The manufacturer still hides the dynamics of acceleration to “hundreds”, but willingly shares the acceleration time from zero to 300 kilometers per hour – 12.8 seconds. For comparison, the McLaren P1 takes 16.5 seconds.

Powerplant Speedtail is designated M840TQ and at its peak develops 1,070 horsepower and 1150 Nm of torque. It includes a V8 4.0 biturbo engine (757 hp, 800 Nm), a 230-kilowatt electric motor and a battery with a capacity of 1,647 kilowatt-hours.

The superhybrid’s appearance is dictated by its high aerodynamic efficiency. The Speedtail’s body is designed with multiple air ducts for optimal air distribution; on the front wheels – fixed caps made of carbon fiber, and instead of side mirrors – cameras. At the stern, there are two movable aileron made of flexible carbon fiber – they form a single unit with the body and act as spoilers.

The Tomini Classics for sale is finished in pale blue Frozen Diamond Silver, combined with a nubuck blue interior. The owner of the car wanted to make it more exclusive, so he ordered $ 600,000 worth of options. Among them – a heat shield of the engine compartment in 24-karat gold, decorative inserts made of Carbon TPT composite with a characteristic “Damascus” pattern and a branded luggage set.

For this car they ask 3,850,000 dollars, which corresponds to 297.2 million rubles. The Speedtail’s starting price, with all units sold, is £ 1.75 million or $ 2.27 million.