McLaren Speedtail 30 times accelerated to 403 km/h

McLaren Speedtail 30 times accelerated to 403 km/h

December 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren announced the completion of its Speedtail Super Hybrid Driving Test Program. The final stage of tuning the fastest car from Woking was a series of acceleration to the limit of 403 km / h on the runway of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. The machine gained this speed 30 times.

A comprehensive dynamic testing program for the 1,070-horsepower McLaren Speedtail included field trips to the Applus Idiada track in Spain and the Papenburg Test Ground brake performance bench in Papenburg, Germany. Final races took place at the Johnny Bohmer training ground at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA – where the shuttles land. On the runway, test pilot Kenny Breck at the wheel of the XP2 model was able to accelerate to a maximum of 403 km / h over 30 times — a record speed for the road Maclaren.

The completion of the tests means that soon at the McLaren Production Center in Woking, UK, the manual assembly of the first batch of product hybrids will begin. They will reach customers no earlier than February 2020. The total circulation will be 106 units of a car.

McLaren Speedtail is a carbon fiber drop 5.2 meters long. The hybrid is equipped with a power unit with a capacity of 1,070 horsepower (1,150 Nm of torque) and accelerates from 0 to 300 km / h in less than 13 seconds. A special feature of Speedtail is a traction battery with an energy storage density of 5.2 kilowatts per kilogram, cameras instead of side mirrors and movable ailerons made of flexible carbon fiber, acting as a wing.