McLaren showed a new supercar Artura on a teaser

McLaren showed a new supercar Artura on a teaser

November 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British automaker has released a teaser for its new hybrid supercar, which it has decided to call Artura. Thus, McLaren abandons its earlier adopted naming scheme for its models.

McLaren first started talking about its next-generation high-performance hybrid early last month, showing a shape very similar to that of the classic McLaren, hiding a ton of new components behind it. We now know that all these innovations will be combined with the new name Artura. There were rumors and trademark patent applications published, according to which the supercar manufacturer would abandon its naming scheme for its models.

McLaren also provided two close-ups from the rear showing the new McLaren Artura.

The images show the side mesh insert with two large round tailpipes. It looks like a standard McLaren rear, but the company says the Artura will have a ton of new parts, including a new carbon fiber chassis called the MCLA. The car will also receive a completely new, all-electric power plant, as well as a platform optimized for an indefinite number of electric motors.

McLaren will also unveil a new twin-turbo V6 designed to run with electric motors, presumably as a motor that will generate power while increasing overall range. The hybrid engine should develop over 600 horsepower (600 Nm). However, the increase in performance should not compensate for the significant weight gain. McLaren is focusing on new weight-loss technologies to offset the hybrid’s increased weight – batteries and electric motors are heavy. The head of the company, Mike Flyitt, said that the weight of the new car will increase by 30-40 kg.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that McLaren Senna in tuning from the Novitec studio received a very formidable roar of exhaust. Tuning studio Novitec has presented a 900-horsepower version of the British supercar McLaren Senna. Besides increasing the engine power by 100 hp, the supercar received a very cool exhaust sound.