McLaren sees no prospects in electric cars yet

McLaren sees no prospects in electric cars yet

December 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British postpone the transition to electrical installations

While automakers are investing in the development of electric vehicles, McLaren remains on the sidelines – and there are good reasons for this.

McLaren does not deny the possibility of switching to electric traction, but only in the long term. Just like the Italian engineers from Ferrari, the British consider the current electric power plants suitable only for civilian cars. Supercars, as McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said in an interview with Detroit Free Press, need a fundamentally different level of development of batteries.

The main deterrent is still the mass of batteries, which, in his opinion, crosses out all the advantages of electric vehicles. Despite this, McLaren continues to keep abreast and follow the news from the world of electric vehicles. According to the British, a real opportunity to develop a supercar with an electric power plant, which will not be inferior in driving pleasure to traditional models with gasoline engines, will appear no earlier than 2024.