McLaren P1 hypercar printed titanium and carbon fiber wheels

McLaren P1 hypercar printed titanium and carbon fiber wheels

October 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren P1 is one of those cars that from the first seconds of its appearance rivets the eyes of absolutely all the people who are next to it. I am sure that being the owner of such a car at times raises my own self-esteem.

  California-based wheel manufacturer HRE has specifically created titanium wheels for the English hypercar. It is noteworthy that these discs were printed on a 3D printer. They turned out to be not only lighter than those obtained with the usual production method, but also look several times better.

3D printing technology has unlimited potential, and HRE HRE3D + discs are an example of how advanced this technology has become. Just think – instead of printing something simple, like a paperweight for your table made of cheap plastic, you can create incredible masterpieces from such durable material as titanium. 3D printing has endless applications in the automotive industry, and HRE 3D wheels are just the beginning.

  The resulting HRE3D + wheels weigh only 9 kg each. Lighter wheels also help your car feel more agile on the road, which improves the overall driving experience.

When HRE first introduced its revolutionary HRE3D + wheels in May 2019, the entire automotive world was completely confused. No doubt the future has come! HRE specialists fabricated the center of the carbon fiber wheel and combined it with titanium spokes made using 3D printing. It is reported that with this method of manufacturing rims, 80% less materials are consumed than with traditional forging technology.