McLaren is preparing the first hybrid: the first photos of the prototype

McLaren is preparing the first hybrid: the first photos of the prototype

February 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company has long reported that it is going to release a hybrid sports car. A fully electric car is also in the plans, but only in the future, with the development of technology. The test prototype is already on the track.

McLaren engineers brought for testing a new prototype with a hybrid power plant. Apparently, the new product will become an entry-level model in the company’s lineup, and will act as a pioneer to study potential demand and customer satisfaction.

While engineers are testing a new platform, transmission, suspension and powerplant. The body is used from the current version of the McLaren 570 sports car. It is possible that the company left a carbon monocoque from the same model, around which the entire car is built.

 The body of another model well hides the features of new items. Nevertheless, the law obliges car manufacturers to stick stickers on the availability of electrification on prototypes. In addition, in the photos you can see the thick cables going into the engine compartment.

Photospies managed to make a series of detailed photos. The most interesting was the image of the digital instrument panel, on which it was possible to notice the image of the future car. How much the rendering corresponds to reality is still unknown.

 McLaren announced that all sports cars under their brand will receive electrified versions until 2025. It is also known that some of them will receive modern V6 engines, working in tandem with electric motors.

 The presentation of the hybrid McLaren should take place in late 2020 or early 2021.