McLaren introduced the newest Senna GTR

McLaren introduced the newest Senna GTR

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The special hot version of the GTR at 20 horsepower is more powerful and noticeably lighter than the “regular” Senna supercar. The British company McLaren revealed details about the most sporting version of its brightest car, Senna.

A year after the debut in the form of a concept, McLaren Senna GTR was presented in the final serial specification, although “serial” is not exactly the word that can be applied to an exclusive hypercar.

McLaren claims that the Senna GTR is “the fastest McLaren outside of Formula One” – its 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine develops 814 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. This means that the GTR is 25 hp. more powerful than the usual “road” version of Senna, but the engineers did not just reconfigure the engine control unit and remove the secondary catalyst.

In addition to increasing the power of the power plant, the Senna GTR has become lighter due to the carbon composite body. Now the total weight of the model is 1188 kilograms, which helped achieve a power to weight ratio of 684 hp per ton – this is higher than the ratio of power to weight of any McLaren car. The engine works with the same 7-speed automatic gearbox with double clutch with stepless gear shifting, as on the road version of Senna.

Obviously, a lot of attention was paid to the aerodynamics of the Senna GTR, which helped to achieve an increase in downforce at lower speeds, and at the peak it reaches 1000 kilograms, which is almost equal to the total weight of the sports car. McLaren claims that Senna GTR, as a result of all improvements, can overcome a circle on the track faster than any of the cars of the brand outside of Formula 1.

It is planned that the most exclusive racing car McLaren will be released in a limited number of 75 units, and almost all of them already have pre-orders, despite the starting price of 1.44 million dollars. The first deliveries of cars to customers will begin in September 2019.