McLaren has decided to reduce the production of speedster Elva

McLaren has decided to reduce the production of speedster Elva

April 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In a recent interview, the head of the British automaker said that the speedster McLaren Elva will be produced in the amount of 249 copies. The price of each is $ 1,690,000.

McLaren introduced the astounding Elva speedster back in November 2019, when he announced that the speedster would cost $ 1,690,000 . The car is intended for those who are interested in acquiring a modern sports car without a roof, which looks like a race car of the 1960s model. Since then, the price tag for the British novelty has not changed, but the number of cars planned for production has just changed. The originally announced circulation of 399 cars is sharply reduced by 150 units. In other words, only 249 people will be able to purchase this unique car.

 A rather unexpected statement was made by none other than Mike Flevitt, head of McLaren.

 In a recent interview with an authoritative foreign publication, he said that this decision was made after inquiries received from customers: “Our customers’ feedback is such that they believe that the car should be more exclusive, so we limited its circulation to 249 copies.”

Of course, this is the official word coming from the boss of the company, but some will undoubtedly wonder if McLaren had any problems finding 399 customers on Elva. We will probably never find a real answer to this question.

The company’s media site has already updated the press release, which was originally released on November 13 last year, as the latter no longer says that the Elva speedster will be released in a circulation of 399 copies. Now it is said that only 249 cars will be produced. Customer deliveries of the 804-horsepower speedster and at the same time the lightest McLaren road car are scheduled for the end of the year.