McLaren Elva cut the circulation again. Coronavirus is to blame

McLaren Elva cut the circulation again. Coronavirus is to blame

September 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Roadster will be one of the rarest McLaren models

McLaren has decided to cut the Elva speedster again due to production problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the brand’s new plan, no more than 149 of these cars will be produced.

During the Elva presentation in November 2019, McLaren announced that it will release 399 copies. However, in March of this year it became known that the circulation would have to be cut to 249 pieces. Then the decision was explained by McLaren’s intention to reduce the costs associated with penalties for violation of environmental standards, which are calculated based on the number of cars sold.

Now McLaren has announced that it is forced to reduce the circulation by another 100 cars – to 149. In terms of collectible value, Elva is second only to the 1050-horsepower Speedtail hybrid, which has a circulation of 106 copies. The company said that the measure was taken due to the coronavirus: the pandemic has led to a shortage of production capacity and components at an enterprise in the British Woking.

McLaren also talked about the new McLaren Advanced Visualizer (MAV) configurator, which can be used to make the Elva truly exclusive. MAV uses software developed for video games and instantly creates a 3D model of a car in Ultra HD resolution.

There are two color categories available to customers – Explore and Timeless. The first contains bright colors, and the second is dedicated to the company’s heritage. Elva’s palette already has a ready-made color scheme inspired by the historic McLaren M1A, the fastest car at the 1964 Canadian Grand Prix.

The Elva Speedster is part of McLaren’s most expensive lineup, the Ultimate Series, and features a 4.0-liter V8 with 815 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. The motor works in tandem with a seven-band preselective robotized gearbox and accelerates the car from zero to the first 100 km/h in less than three seconds, up to 200 kilometers per hour – in 6.7 seconds. The cost of one Elva will be £ 1,425,000