McLaren does not intend to release a model cheaper than $ 200,000

McLaren does not intend to release a model cheaper than $ 200,000

July 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company McLaren officially reported the unlikely release of models cheaper than $ 200,000. This implies the desire of the brand to remain exclusively in the premium sports segment, where it firmly holds its reputation.

During an interview with foreign journalists, the president of the North American division of McLaren, Tony Joseph said that the Sport Series will remain the most affordable line of cars of the British brand.

At the moment, the company’s preliminary development plan does not provide for the appearance of any junior models. “Now the cheapest model is the McLaren Spider, which costs 210 000 dollars, and I see no reason to produce anything cheaper than this,” – said Joseph.

In addition, the head of the North American division denied rumors about a possible release of the crossover. So, do not expect to compete with the Lamborghini Urus, which could cost less than $ 200,000. It is also known that the company is not going to develop a massive four-seater model for competition with Porsche Cayman.

While Ferrari and Lamborghini are increasing their annual numbers, McLaren seems to remain a more niche player in the market. Last year, the brand sold 3,340 vehicles worldwide. For comparison, Lamborghini sold 3,815 cars, but this figure should double with the release of the crossover Urus. Ferrari sold 8,398 units in 2017 and from the beginning of the implementation of its own SUV this figure will continue to grow.

Despite the fact that McLaren does not consider the appearance of a model of the Sub-Sports Series class, motorists would not be disappointed if such a model came out in the series. In the end, more affordable sports cars are a great success.

Meanwhile, McLaren unveiled the new McLaren 600LT, which is the fourth model of the company in the modification of Longtail. And the car differs power up to 592 hp and completely a carbon body.