McLaren decided to electrify all of his models

McLaren decided to electrify all of his models

February 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews


It seems that the global electrification trend has reached the British supercar manufacturer. The management of the brand announced that future models will be equipped with hybrid power plants, and a base for this is already being created.

In an interview with British automotive publication Autocar, McLaren boss Mike Fluit said that the next generation of sports models of the brand will be built on the basis of an updated second-generation Monocel chassis that includes the installation of hybrid engines.

The first hybrid motor will receive the heir of the 570S – the youngest model of the Sport Series. Following the Sport Series, Hybrid engines will also be available to representatives of the Super Series. Given that the new generation of the model 720S was presented just last year, it is not worth expecting that cars of this series will receive hybrid motors until 2022.

Also, our colleagues report that with a fair degree of probability we can say that McLaren is preparing a new hybrid biturbated motor in the V6 configuration, while only the most expensive cars of the brand will be equipped with V8 engines.

However, Mike Fluit also confirmed that some models of McLaren still may be devoid of hybrid technology, but it’s only about limited cars Ultimate Series.