McLaren continues to work on new products

McLaren continues to work on new products

September 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to McLaren Technical Director James Key, the team continues to refine the MCL34 chassis and has no plans to fully switch to preparing for next year.

James Key: “There always comes a moment when you feel that it is time to connect most of the team to the development of the machine next year. The same applies to preparations for 2021, when the new technical regulation comes into force – we also have to think about it.

But while we continue to follow our plan for this year, providing that we should get the most information, because some developments focused on the next season may come in handy to us already in this.

We brought a number of technical innovations to Singapore to try to take one more step forward. In general, the transition period has now come for us, and I do not think that at any certain moment we will say that the program for this year is completely completed. In my opinion, if the team is developing in the right direction, and we see positive trends – and now we are in this situation – it makes sense to continue this work for some more time, while not forgetting about preparing for the next year.

In particular, we continue to work on technical solutions, which we will present in the next two stages. It is difficult to assess how much these new products will add, although I would not call them big. But we will still introduce some developments. ”