McLaren 720S is presented in a new autonomous and electric version … for children

McLaren 720S is presented in a new autonomous and electric version … for children

June 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren recommends a small copy of the 720S supercar for children between the ages of three and six, but the company’s promotional video shows that the car has enough power to travel with an adult who sits comically at the wheel.

Your child may never have a real McLaren car, but he or she can at least appear on the new McLaren 720S Ride-On. A tiny car can be ordered now, and its prices start at £ 315

Little McLaren has many features that the full-size 720S model, including functional dihedral doors. Its interior even has an infotainment screen, and it is already loaded with children’s songs. If children prefer to hear something else, there is an SD card and USB ports.

Pressing the accelerator pedal leads to a simulation of the sound of the engine reproduced by the speakers, since the electric motor of the machine cannot be compared with the evil roar of a powerful V8 with double turbocharging. The novelty also boasts working brake lights. If parents want to control where their child is going, there is also a remote control for them, which makes this McLaren an almost autonomous car.

  In the official McLaren retail stores, the 720S is available with Papaya Spark’s proprietary orange paint, which gives the car an authentic look. Other toy stores acquire it in a wider range of colors, including orange, blue, purple, onyx black, blue, silicon white and gray saros.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new McLaren GT supercar will be presented at events throughout Europe.