Mazda6 will no longer be offered with manual transmission

Mazda6 will no longer be offered with manual transmission

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Until recently, the sedan was available with a 6-speed “mechanics” in the US market, but in the 2019 version it was decided to abandon it – the demand is too small. The company, however, says: if the “mechanics” will be in demand, it will definitely come back.

Almost the entire modern line of Mazda models is positioned as “cars for the driver,” and traditionally one of the components of such a car was considered to be a manual gearbox. Buyers, however, had a different opinion, and the company was forced to respond. More for the Mazda6 manual transmission will not be offered: only a 6-speed “automatic”.

The “mechanics” with 6 steps of the 2018 model could be obtained in the basic version of the Sport, which in the American market cost from $ 22,845. The refusal of manual transmission automatically means a rise in the cost of a car, and a significant one: cheaper than $ 24,720 in the United States does not buy a Mazda6 2019 model year. To partially compensate for the increase in prices, the company expanded the minimum configuration, adding adaptive cruise control, tracking systems for exit from the occupied lane and automatic braking, as well as automatic high-beam headlamp control.

Now the “mechanics” is available only for the MX-5. On the American market, the Honda Accord remains the only mid-size sedan that can be bought with a manual transmission: the mechanics have been preserved even after a change of generations.

Mazda itself does not feel positive from the fact that it is necessary to abandon the manual transmission for the Mazda6. The representative of the American division of Mazda Motor Tim Olson told MotorAuthority that the company will closely monitor the preferences of its customers, and if they change, the automaker’s response will be immediate.