Mazda6 after restyling there was a turboengine

Mazda6 after restyling there was a turboengine

March 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In Geneva, the seriously updated Mazda6 Tourer is presented. Changes have affected not only the exterior: the interior has become more premium, new options have been added, and in the engine range a supercharged unit has appeared.

A kind of “teaser” to the Geneva premiere served as an updated sedan, shown in November in Los Angeles. The station wagon changed in a similar way. The front bumper is now deaf, without foglamps, the radiator is closed with a fine chain mail net, and the chrome-edged rim marks now pass along the lower edge of the headlights. In addition, the aerodynamics of the body was improved, which allowed to reduce the consumption and noise.

The interior of the refurbished Mazda6 is significantly redesigned. C one design has become even more minimalistic, but the quality of finishing has grown significantly. In the top set appeared inserts from Japanese white walnut, this variety is used to create traditional musical instruments and pieces of furniture.

The front panel is made in the style of the concept Mazda Vision Coupe, and the instruments have lost wells. Expensive versions received a virtual speedometer, the multimedia system acquired a new display with improved graphics, and the projector now displays the readings not on a separate screen, but on the windshield. In addition, the station wagon is refined for comfort – in particular the seats are now with a new gasket and for the first time have been ventilated.

A set of advanced security technologies i-ACTIVSENSE, helping the driver in time to recognize the danger and reduce the risk of an accident, for the station wagon expanded. Active cruise control MRCC can now brake to a halt and self-starting. With the latest 360 ° View Monitor, it will be easier for the driver to maneuver. The volume of the trunk did not change: 522 liters and 1644 liters with folded backs of seats.

Mazda has long ignored the supercharging, but eventually also gave up. The new Skyactiv-G 2.5T turbo engine appeared first on the large CX-9 crossover, and is now available for the Mazda6 as well. In addition, the Mazda6 Tourer, unlike the sedan, will continue to be available with a diesel and four-wheel drive.

In addition, in Geneva Mazda will show a completely new power unit of the prospective SKYACTIV-X family. This is the first production engine on gasoline, in which the fuel-air mixture ignites when compressed.

Mazda has developed a Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) method – a spark-controlled compression ignition. That is spark ignition on power units will remain and will operate at high revs. In addition, the SKYACTIV-X engine will receive a drive supercharger – it is needed to produce an ultra-fluid mixture. It is expected that the new family of motors will be more economical and tiring, gas response time will decrease.

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