Mazda will introduce two new crossover

Mazda will introduce two new crossover

February 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the current plans of the management of the Japanese brand, in a few weeks a presentation of a new crossover will take place, another can be shown in a few years. New cars are designed for the United States.

The Japanese automaker Mazda does not have an extensive lineup in the United States. In fact, the automaker offers only three cars and three crossovers for this country.

A couple of weeks ago, the press service of Mazda published a teaser for the new compact crossover, but according to recent reports from Automotive News, the brand is currently working not on one new car, but on two.

Speaking to reporters at the Chicago Auto Show in 2019, Mazahiro Moro, general manager of Mazda in North America, said that a new crossover will appear soon, created specifically for the US market. In addition, it is planned to produce it at the new Mazda plant in Huntsville, Alabama (USA).

We do not know when the novelty will be shown to us, but given that the plant is still under construction (the works should end in 2021), we can safely assume that we will not see this car soon.

As I said, the guys from Mazda are working on two new models. Another of these is the compact crossover, which will be shown in a few weeks at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be sold in the United States, but the question still remains, what kind of car. Rumors indicate that Mazda decided to slightly change the CX-3, after which the crossover has become a little more and can rightly be considered already compact. Maybe this is a modified Mazda CX-4.