Mazda will estimate the cost of repairing cars from photographs

Mazda will estimate the cost of repairing cars from photographs

April 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Under the conditions of total quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Japanese automaker is launching a new service, according to the preliminary cost of car repairs, owners will need to send a photo of the damaged part of the car.

Various situations on the road or in the parking lot, as a result of which dents or scratches remain on your car, are always very unpleasant. Not only does your beloved car suffer, it’s also not always known how much it will cost to repair without visiting a car service – which is now quite difficult due to the coronavirus quarantine.

 Japanese Mazda has launched a new service in the United Kingdom, which allows customers to receive a quick repair offer based on photos of a damaged area of ​​a car.

The new service has been designed to provide maximum convenience and peace of mind for Mazda car owners.

“A customer can decide to contact their insurance company at any time if repairs are expensive, but with the launch of a new emergency damage portal, we can provide our customers with an estimate of the cost of repairs in advance,” said David Wilson-Green, Mazda Motors Customer Service Director UK

 “Any repair is possible, from an annoying dent in the parking lot to serious damage, and every customer can be sure that their car will be repaired by a qualified Mazda car repair specialist using genuine Mazda parts to ensure that all body parts are returned to their original factory condition.” .

  “This new Damage Elimination Portal allows our customers to quickly evaluate the cost of repairing their car without leaving their homes. It is worth noting that in the current situation with COVID-19, the response speed will depend on the fact that only about 30% of certified service stations are open and operate in accordance with applicable state directives. “