Mazda wants to produce more SUVs: on the “CX-Secret” approach and, possibly, a cross-based Mazda2

Mazda wants to produce more SUVs: on the “CX-Secret” approach and, possibly, a cross-based Mazda2

December 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the director general of Mazda Motor, Akira Marumoto, the company intends to learn to better adapt to changing demand. In particular, the manufacturer plans to produce more SUV segment cars: during an interview with, the top manager noted that quite a few clients continue to change to crossovers, including from sedans.

The company plans to create a worldwide production base, which will allow producing crossovers at any factory – from Mexico to China and Japan. Moreover, in the event of a sharp increase or “sinking” of demand, enterprises will have to respond promptly.

To do this, Mazda plants around the world will be modernized, presumably the process will last for five to six years. It starts in Salamanca (the state of Guanajuato, Mexico). Re-equipment will be needed in order to run the next generation of the Mazda3 series. As we reported earlier, the future owners of this car will be offered a system of all-wheel drive i-Activ AWD, this became known during the presentation of the novelty at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Upgrading equipment will allow adding brand crossovers to the “range” of a Mexican enterprise. Now here is the release of only the current version of the Mazda3, which will soon leave the market, as well as the Mazda2 model. By the way, a rumor has recently passed that the next generation of this compact hatchback will become a SUV. If this project is given the green light, then the model will obviously become the smallest and cheapest crossover in the Mazda lineup. But before 2021, it will not appear, because first, in the middle of next year, a new generation of Mazda3 should come out, then the manufacturer will be busy introducing the next generation CX-5.

Note, Mazda Motor relies precisely on the plant in Mexico for a reason: the fact is that its capacity will also allow us to saturate the US market. The company noted that in the period from January to November 2018, the demand for brand crossovers in America grew by 18%.

Following the modernization should relate to facilities located in China and Japan. Now factories are able to increase or decrease the model output by about 20% (in case of increased or falling demand). This is already a very good indicator, but the head of the company said that this flexibility should be increased to 40%.

In addition to upgrading equipment from existing plants, Mazda plans to open new businesses. In particular, Akira Marumoto recalled the new plant with Toyota, which in 2021 will be launched in Alabama. Its capacity will be 150 thousand cars, the new crossover for the North American market will go off the assembly line. The head of Mazda still refuses to say what kind of car it will be. So far, he has designated the SUV as “CX-Secret”. There is no information about this model yet.

The manufacturer in 2019 plans not to chase the increase in sales. The priority will be to increase the profitability of dealers and cash flow. At the same time, in the current year, sales of the brand in the USA increased: from January to November, 274,455 vehicles were sold (4.5% more). Although over the past few years, Mazda figures have fallen.

We add, the company can also achieve an increase in the production of crossovers by expanding the geography of current models. For example, the Mazda CX-8, which was originally announced only for Japan, is now still sold in China and Australia. It is possible that in the future this model will appear in other markets.