Mazda updates Scrum

Mazda updates Scrum

July 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Improved both modifications minicar – Van and Wagon. The main changes relate to the equipment of active security systems. The Van versions have improved ergonomics, and the Wagon has an audio system.

Mazda Scrum is a chinese version of the Suzuki Every model. Technically, cars are completely identical and differ only slightly in the composition of complete sets. Scrum Van – Suzuki Every analogue, and the Scrum Wagon – Every Wagon. The first of the corresponding versions are designed, first of all, for commercial exploitation.

In the middle of last month, Suzuki updated Every, and now it’s all up to the Mazda Scrum. Cars received an improved automatic braking system, which included a video camera. Electronics effectively detects pedestrians including. in nighttime. Such improvements are available for all versions of the Scrum Wagon, and for the Scrum Van – in the PA Special, PC Special and Buster trim levels. Also included in the equipment is an automatic locking system for the accelerator if pressed accidentally while maneuvering in reverse.

The Scrum Van in the PA Special, PC Special and Buster trim levels also has an automatic light control system. In all trim levels installed shelf under the ceiling in front of the cabin, and in the PA and PA Special – holder for A4 documents.

The Scrum Wagon has an improved audio system. The PZ TURBO has a high roof now.

Both versions are equipped with a 0.66-liter engine (Scrum Wagon – turbocharged). Transmissions – 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual and robotized gearbox. During this upgrade, the number of complete sets with the classic automatic transmission has been increased.

The cost of a Mazda Scrum Van in Japan is 950,400 – 1,401,840 yen, the Scrum Wagon is 1,490,400 – 1,836,000 yen.