Mazda sports car will be left without a rotary engine

Mazda sports car will be left without a rotary engine

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Coupe RX-9 will receive a motor more familiar design

Mazda sources claim that the sports coupe with the RX-9 index will still see the light, but it will not have a rotary piston engine.

The last production Mazda with a Wankel rotary piston engine was the spectacular RX-8 coupe, discontinued back in 2012. Since then, from time to time there is information that the Japanese are going to release a new sports car with an exotic rotary engine, however, the Jalopnik publication, citing Mazda’s own sources, partially refutes these rumors. According to insiders, the Japanese company is really working on a successor to the RX-8 and it will logically be called RX-9.

But this project does not at all provide for the resumption of production of rotary piston engines. Instead, the coupe is planned to be equipped with a “regular” in-line gasoline “six” with a turbocharger. The engine will be constructed using proprietary SkyActiv technology, and its power will most likely reach about 400 horsepower. The main competitor for the Mazda RX-9 will be the Japanese Toyota Supra coupe.