Mazda RX-3 or the forgotten endurance champion

Mazda RX-3 or the forgotten endurance champion

February 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This year marks 50 years since another representative of the legendary Mazda RX rotary family was born. This is the RX-3 model.

While Mazda and rotary engines are almost synonymous, their RX lineup is often remembered for one, maybe two models: the RX-7 and the slightly underrated RX-8. But why do we forget about the pretty cool RX-3? It has already been 50 years since this small rotary car “came out”.

The RX-3 was launched in 1971 and was available as a coupe, sedan, and even a station wagon. The RX-3 designation only applied to the export version of this model. The equivalent rotary model in Japan was known as the Savanna, while the conventional 4-cylinder piston engine versions were known as the 808, 818, Mizer or Grand Familia, depending on the market.

The RX-3 had round headlights and was available with two different engines.

The RX-3 coupe, sedan and wagon were all powered by a 982cc 10A engine. see, and cars for the American market – a more powerful 12A engine with a volume of 1146 cc. Since 1972, the Savanna GT has gone on sale in Japan with the larger 12A, which has also been introduced in other markets.

The demonstration of the advantages of the rotary engine version of this model became evident when the British edition of “Motor Magazine” tested the acceleration times of the RX-3 coupe and the 818 piston engine sedan. The small rotary engine 982 cc accelerated to 100 km / h five seconds faster than the 1272 cc 818, an impressive 10.2 seconds at the time.