Mazda recalls cars again due to Takata

Mazda recalls cars again due to Takata

November 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The seemingly endless series of reviews related to potentially life-threatening airbags continues. This time, cars that have already been revoked will be repaired, but during the service campaign, Takata components were again installed.

The question may arise, why instead of dangerous Takata they again installed components of the same manufacturer? The answer is quite simple, although it will not please the car owners too much: at the time of recall there was a need to replace large volumes of components because of their age and operating conditions in the first place, but it was not possible to use airbags of other manufacturers with a safer design.

Mazda has announced the re-recall of its cars, which have already changed the Takata airbags. We are talking about at least 117,000 cars, but this is probably not the last value. The number of recalls includes Mazda6 2009-2012 model years, as well as a part of the previous generation Mazda 2003-2008, CX-7 2007, CX-9 2003-2008, Mazdaspeed6 2007, MPV 2004-2005 . and RX-8 2004. This campaign concerns only the American market, but it is possible that similar measures will be required outside it.

The reason for the most massive recall in the history of the automotive industry was the danger of fatal injuries caused by Takata airbags when triggered. Part of the chemical components of the airbag filling mechanism (including ammonium nitrate) changed their properties under the influence of dampness and time, as a result of which instead of the planned filling of the airbag, an explosion occurred that destroyed the filling mechanism, and its parts could injure or kill a person. The last similar case was recorded with the participation of Honda Civic in 2002 in pieces. Arizona.