Mazda plans to cancel touch screens for all new models.

Mazda plans to cancel touch screens for all new models.

July 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Over the past few years, the large touchscreen in the car has become mainstream. That is, they are installed even in low-end models, but Mazda always goes the unbeaten path, and removes large displays, leaving small information panels.

Mazda has officially announced that in the future it will mark a large central display on all new models, leaving only a small screen. The first model was the new Mazda 3, in the cabin of which there is only a small display, and on the central panel there are blocks with the physical buttons of the multimedia system.

The company comments: “According to our research, when the driver touches the touchscreen interface in any vehicle, he inadvertently turns the steering wheel and the vehicle deviates, to varying degrees, from its route.” The experts also added that “when using the touch screen, the driver should look at the screen, which increases the risk of traffic accidents”.

In the new Mazda models, the display will be installed closer to the windshield to reduce the deviation of the driver’s gaze from the road. Also, the display brightness is strictly limited.