Mazda patent hinted at developing a sports car with a rotary engine

Mazda patent hinted at developing a sports car with a rotary engine

September 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There are new details about the Mazda sports coupe with a Wankel engine. Journalists found on the website of the Japanese certification authority an illustration of an innovative programmed deformation zone, uncharacteristic of the current Mazda line. The figure schematically shows the engine compartment and suspension architecture.

Mazda’s patent entitled “Vehicle Shock Absorption Design” discovered Motor Magazine. The journal observer drew attention to the fact that the patented assembly is not compatible with any of the Mazda models currently being produced. The Japanese expert concludes that it is about developing a fundamentally new sports car.

The programmable deformation zone is a spatial frame including a bumper beam. The architecture of the front suspension is unusual: the design with a double wishbone is typical for roadsters. The engine compartment is very compact, which suggests that a rotary piston engine will be placed under the hood of a sports car. In the explanation to the patent there is a remark that the structure shown is effective not only in the front, but also in the rear of the body.

Earlier, Mazda insiders hinted that if the Japanese manufacturer decides to create a new sports car with a Wankel engine, the model will be built on a new platform. The patent confirms this version. In addition, two months ago, photo spies discovered camouflaged Mazda RX-8 prototypes at the Nurburgring. It is possible that the model, discontinued eight years ago, was used as a “laboratory on wheels” for a new supercharged rotary engine.

However, rumors about creating a successor to the RX rotary series have been circulating for about ten years, and Mazda officials are restrained about the project’s prospects. For example, in June 2019, the executive director of the company, Akira Marumoto, said that the project to create a new model with a rotary engine had to be put aside in the background.