Mazda officially confirmed the return of the rotary engine in 2019

Mazda officially confirmed the return of the rotary engine in 2019

March 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Wankel engine will serve as a generator for a new electric vehicle, comparable in size to the Mazda3.

Wankel’s rotary engines will again be produced and installed in Mazda cars starting in 2019. This is reported by the publication, with reference to an interview with Mazda Motor Europe’s sales vice president Martin Ten Brink.

The insider Mazda announced its intention to use a rotary engine as a generator for charging electric vehicle batteries. A similar technology is used in the electric BMW i3, whose generator is a two-cylinder piston motor.

An experiment using a rotary engine for this purpose Mazda already carried out in the mid-2000s. Then the minivan Premacy Hydrogen RE was equipped with a Vankel gasoline-hydrogen engine (modernization of the rotor engine from Mazda RX-8), acting as a generator. The traction on the wheels came from an electric motor. The company managed to even put several parts of the minivan to corporate customers.

The future Mazda electric vehicle will be based on the new Small Car platform, which will also be the base for the next generation of Mazda 2, 3 and CX-3. This architecture implies the availability of a place for placing batteries under the floor. In an electric vehicle an atmospheric one-section rotary engine of small volume is used.

Also in 2019, we should expect the release of a new generation of Mazda3. It will be equipped with gasoline engines Skyactiv-X third generation. Their feature will be compression ignition (SCCI cycle). Mazda believes that the new engines will be able to overtake electric vehicles to minimize harmful CO2 emissions, given the generation of electricity from coal-fired power plants.