Mazda launches Mazda3 with innovative engine

Mazda launches Mazda3 with innovative engine

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mazda has decided on the start date for Mazda3 sales with the new Skyactiv-X engine in the home market. The Japanese will have access to the new product next month.

Mazda dealers in Japan will receive Mazda3 sedans and hatchbacks on December 5, under the hood of which the latest Skyactiv-X engine is hiding. The main feature of this engine is the special ignition system SPCCI (Spark Plug Controlled Compression Ignition). Self-ignition of the fuel mixture here occurs from compression, as in diesel engines. With such a system, the model became more economical, and also improved its traction performance. Thanks to the encapsulation of the engine, the Japanese managed to achieve acoustic comfort. The output of the new power unit reaches 180 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. The maximum torque is 224 Nm, and the announced compression ratio is 15: 1.

 The “soft” hybrid helps the gas engine, which includes a 6.5 hp synchronous AC motor. and a 24 V lithium-ion battery

 Mazda3 sedan with Skyactiv-X engine will come to the home market in three trim levels, hatchback – in four. The drive can be front or all-wheel drive, and 6AKKPP (sedan / hatchback) and 6MKPP (hatchback) can act as transmission. For each 100 kilometers of mileage, the Mazda3 spends 5.5-6.2 liters of fuel. For the most affordable Mazda3 you will have to pay 3.2 million yen, and the maximum-equipped hatchback was estimated at 3.7 million yen