Mazda CX-3 new generation: the first information appeared on the web

Mazda CX-3 new generation: the first information appeared on the web

September 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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Mazda only in March 2018 showed restyling its own compact crossover. The car became more consistent with the spirit of the times and received elements of modern corporate design. But now the details about the new generation, which is expected in 2020, became known.

Recently, Mazda introduced the updated CX-3 (in March 2018), and the Japanese manufacturer now reveals several details about what to expect from the next-generation SUV model before its debut in 2020.

According to GoAuto, the next CX-3 will move to the new SkyActiv II platform, thanks to which the SUV will increase its dimensions, but it will become somewhat easier and more rigid. Of course, the design of the exterior and interior will be completely revised. The crossover will become more similar to the older models. In the interior, ergonomics will be significantly refined. And also the instrument panel and the multimedia and information system will change.

Director of Research and Development Mazda Kiyoshi Fujiwara said that the rear axle will lose the multi-link suspension and get a classic curled beam. This will reduce the cost of maintenance and will significantly affect the noise inside the car. Note that earlier customers and experts complained that the model has a weak noise isolation.

CX-3 will receive a new family of Mazda SkyActiv-X engines. These powertrains are the first application of compression ignition in a gasoline engine. The fuel-air mixture is compressed, as long as it does not ignite, like diesel fuel. The result is improved fuel economy by 20-30% compared to conventional engines, and torque increases by 10-30 percent. According to available information, the 2.0-liter version develops about 187 horsepower and 230 Newton-meters of torque.

For the first time, a new line of motors will be installed on the Mazda 3 2019 model year, the debut of which will take place in November as part of the Los Angeles Auto Show. The first sales will begin only in 2019.

Meanwhile, Mazda decided to expand the market presence for its new crossover Mazda CX-8. The car is now available not only in the home country, but also beyond its borders.