Mazda CEO: everyone in the company dreams of a new RX

Mazda CEO: everyone in the company dreams of a new RX

December 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In spite of the fact that a new rotary engine from Mazda was recently introduced, there is no talk about the release of a sports car. But the CEO of the company noted that the new RX may appear, and everyone in the company dreams of it.

The spiritual heir to the Mazda RX-8 is eagerly awaited not only by fans of the Mazda sports series, but also by all employees of the company itself. The company’s general director, Akira Marumoto, said this: “The appearance of a new RX is everyone’s dream in our company. But we are now not in the economic situation, when we can immediately start creating a sports car with a new rotary engine. One of my tasks is to create conditions when we can release the heir to a sports car. ”

Recall that on October 2, Mazda announced work on a new rotary engine with significantly increased power. According to preliminary information, this will be a completely new engine, but its primary task will not be sports cars. He will be at the head of new hybrid systems for future Mazda cars.

Unfortunately, in the near future we should not expect a new RX, but given the words of the CEO, sooner or later, presumably RX-9, will appear in the line of the Japanese brand.