Mazda began testing a new version of the CX-4 crossover

Mazda began testing a new version of the CX-4 crossover

July 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese automotive publications have posted on their pages photos of the new prototype. They confirm that the photos show a new version of the cross-coupe CX-4.

The current version of the Mazda CX-4 went on sale three years ago. This is the standard average life of one version of the car. At this age, most companies launch restyled versions on the market and Mazda is no exception. So, spy photos of a fresh prototype of the CX-4 crossover were published on the web.

Judging by the presented images, the model CX-4 2020 model year will receive a revised bumper, another grille, as well as a slightly modified design of the front and rear. In addition, it is clear that the company will update the LED optics and some decorative elements.

Small changes will also occur in the cabin, including a new multimedia-entertainment complex with a large display, as well as a system for integrating with a smartphone and the ability to control the functions of the car through the application.

In technical terms, the model should remain the same. At least no other information yet. Prices of the updated Mazda CX-4 are kept secret.