Mazda aims at a higher level of cars with a premium price tag

Mazda aims at a higher level of cars with a premium price tag

May 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Judging by the latest innovations, as well as the upcoming presentations and developments, the company is going to soon take a higher step. Soon a new motor will appear, and more expensive models should appear after it.

Mazda has made a real leap in design thanks to the new design language Mazda Kodo. But this is not the limit, they say in the company, and the design will continue its further development. It is possible that the stylish concept Vision Coupe embodied in the production car.

 In addition, the company officially confirmed the development of a completely new six-cylinder engines Skyactiv-X and Skyactiv-D. That is, the brand intends to firmly hold sales of cars with internal combustion engines, slowly to transfer production to electric models. Of course, the development of hybrid systems will continue.

 In addition, the brand’s engineers will develop a new soft hybrid system, a platform for electric cars and a “big architecture” with a soft hybrid drive. Within this platform, the system of intelligent all-wheel drive i-Active will be implemented.

All this suggests that future cars will become significantly more expensive in the maximum configuration. Experts are confident that the brand has created all the conditions for the emergence of a new flagship with a premium price tag.

Meanwhile, since 2020, Mazda has been losing government subsidies. Mazda Sollers will be deprived of state support for the supply of its own vehicles from the Far East.