Max Verstappen won the French Grand Prix

Max Verstappen won the French Grand Prix

June 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The start of the race was not in favor of the pilot from the Netherlands, but due to tactics he was able to get ahead of Hamilton.

On Sunday, June 20, the sixth stage of the season in the Formula 1 class took place. Max Verstappen left pole position for the Red Bull, who retained the lead on the starting line, but made a mistake in one of the first turns and sent Hamilton forward. Lando Norris had a bad start in McLaren, which lost two positions and Mick Schumacher, who dropped immediately to 18th position. Lance Stroll started to win back positions at Aston Martin.

In the first stretch, Hamilton was 2 seconds ahead of Verstappen, who in turn was 2 seconds ahead of Bottas. However, the first wave of pit stops changed a lot. Bottas was the first to go to the pit stop, and Verstappen drove around to the mechanics later. But Lewis tried to stay on the track for one more lap and this allowed Verstappen to come forward. But even more interesting was the second wave of pit stops.

Max Verstappen drove in first and installed a fresh medium that he managed to keep. But in “Mercedes” they decided to stay on the track and try to reach the finish line with the same set of hard drives. As a result, Verstappen caught up with Hamilton and managed to pass him.

Now Max has 131 points and Lewis has only 119 points. Valtteri Bottas in this Grand Prix was inferior to Hamilton not so much, but his tires are completely worn out.

As a result, Sergio Perez finished the race third, and Bottas finished fourth. In the Constructors’ Cup, Red Bull is still confidently ahead – 215 against 178 points. A more serious struggle unfolded for the fifth place. After a not very successful start due to successful tactics and a high pace, Lando Norris took over. His McLaren partner Daniel Riccardo finished sixth. Pierre Gasly from Alpha Tauri continues to amaze with excellent results – in this race the Frenchman made no mistakes and finished seventh. With each race, Fernando Alonso from Alpin feels more and more confident. In this race, the Spaniard finished eighth – against the background of the 14th place of his partner Esteban Okon, this is an excellent result.

Closed the TOP-10 two pilots “Aston Martin” – Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll. Vettel again worked confidently with rubber, and Stroll made an excellent break from 19th to 10th place. But for the Ferrari team, the race was a failure. This was to be expected, since the success in qualifying is largely due to the successful work with the soft type of tires. As a result, Carlos Sainz finished only 11th, while Charles Leclair finished 16th.

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