Max Verstappen wins Bahrain Grand Prix qualifier

Max Verstappen wins Bahrain Grand Prix qualifier

March 27, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The beginning of the new season can bring a pretty tight fight in the peloton.

On Saturday, March 27, qualification took place for the first stage of the season – the Bahrain Grand Prix. It is after qualification that the first conclusions can be drawn about the approximate balance of power. Already the first segment presented several surprises – we note the failure of Sebastian Vettel, who became 18 and did not go further. Overall, the Aston Martin team’s form is much worse than last year’s Racing Point – Lance Stroll also struggled further.

It seems that the Haas team is seriously inferior even to Williams – Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin took the last 2 places. As expected, Latifi from Williams did not advance further, but Esteban Ocon’s 16th place at Alpin surprised. In the second segment, the pilots of Alfa Romeo remained completely – Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen took 12th and 14th places. George Russell in Williams will go from 15th position to the race.

The loser of the second segment was Yuki Tsunoda in the Alpha Tauri – the Italian team decided to go into battle on harder tires, but the Japanese did not have enough speed. The real disappointment was Sergio Perez’s 11th place at Red Bull. For comparison, Max Verstappen on his last attempt showed the two best first sectors, but threw a circle, since the time shown was enough.

In the third qualifying segment, Max Verstappen showed an incredible time at the Red Bull, almost 0.4 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

Let’s note the fourth line of Charles Leclerc at Ferrari – it seems the Italian stable is gradually moving away from the failure of last year. One of the heroes of the qualification was Pierre Gasly in Alpha Tauri, who will go into battle fifth. McLaren is in good shape – the pilots of the British team have become 6 and 7. The two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, after a two-year break, was able to become the ninth in qualification.

Brief results of qualification:

  • the Haas car is still the worst in the peloton, and Schumacher’s adaptation is faster than Mazepin’s;
  • Sebastian Vettel is in bad shape and cannot get used to the car yet;
  • Max Verstappen continues to be the only pilot who can make the Red Bull go. Even Sergio Perez, who had a great last season, looks weak;
  • Fernando Alonso is one of the outstanding drivers in the history of Formula 1. Even at 40 and after a 2-year break, he brought Alpin to the third segment, although the knowledgeable car Esteban Ocon could not get out of the first.
  • Ferrari is starting to recover. The results of Sainz and Leclerc are encouraging;
  • At the beginning of the season, Red Bull is ready to fight Mercedes.