Max Verstappen: Today we did not deserve the podium

Max Verstappen: Today we did not deserve the podium

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the last lap of the Grand Prix of Bahrain, Max Verstappen caught up with the speedless Charles Lecler and certainly would be ahead of the racer Ferrari, if not for the exit of the safety car. After the finish, Max noted that he was not particularly upset by the loss of the podium, since the speed of the car did not allow him to count on getting into the top three.

Max Verstappen: “It is a pity that in the end I left the safety car, but, frankly, we did not deserve to go up to the podium. I do not feel disappointed that I finished fourth – this result is better than it could be, based on how the race was for us.

The car did not have enough speed, and we could not do anything. I slid in the corners because of the wind, and in general the balance left much to be desired. I just tried to get to the finish line. Of course, when the opportunity to rise to the podium appeared, I tried to take advantage of it, but the safety car left.

Contact with Carlos Sainz? If I’m not mistaken, it happened on the third lap. He tried to overtake me outside and slowed down late, but I also slowed down late. In modern cars you do not see what is next to you, he turned, and there I was – there was a contact. I believe that problems with insufficient review led to this. ”