Max Verstappen: Racing in China is interesting

Max Verstappen: Racing in China is interesting

April 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the eve of the Grand Prix of China racers Red Bull Racing Max Verstappen and Pierre Gusli talked about the features of the upcoming stage.

Max Verstappen: “The races in China usually turn out to be interesting – on this track there is where to overtake. The first sector is very curious – in the protracted right turn you can try different trajectories, and in the race in this section, everyone will try to avoid the “disturbed” air behind the cars of rivals.

The front left tire has a large load on this route, so you need to monitor its condition in turns. In general, in Shanghai, there are many opportunities for struggle and overtaking. For example, in the sixth turn – you start to prepare an attack in it already in the first turn.

In Bahrain, the team earned a lot of points, having achieved the highest possible result, but we still need to learn a lot about the car. We worked a lot on the base and, I hope, we can reduce the backlog in China.

This year in Shanghai, the team will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first victory. I hope we have a good show for our passionate fans. ”

Pierre Gusli: “I am glad to be back behind the wheel in the third stage of the season. The track in China is not among those that I know well, because I first spoke here last year, but I am waiting for arrival.

In Shanghai, a special route with a long straight at the end of the circle and a technical sector at the beginning. We have to progress, as we do it from the first race and, I hope, we will go even faster, which will allow us to fight and earn more points. In China, Red Bull won the first victory, and this year the thousandth Grand Prix will take place on this route, so we are waiting for a special weekend.

If you remember the stage in Bahrain, the weekend turned out to be difficult because of the changeable conditions, but at the same time it was great to finish in the top ten. Now we will focus on areas in which you need to add before the next weekend. ”