Max Verstappen appreciated the work of Honda motorists

Max Verstappen appreciated the work of Honda motorists

January 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This time it was about the experts from the Japanese company, collaborating with the team of the Formula 1 Red Bull. Verstappen was pleased with their work, which is not true of Renault.

Formula 1 racer has not once criticized French specialists. As he himself said, this was done not out of malice, but to stimulate their work. But the Japanese appeared on the horizon and Max seems to be pleased. Next year, in addition to Toro Rosso, Honda will also supply its Red Bull powerplants.

“At Honda, the approach to work and their plans are strikingly different from the Renault, with whom we had to take the initiative. Still, our requests remained unheard. But now everything is different.

The Japanese mechanics themselves put pressure on us to tell them everything in detail. They constantly test everything. It seems they coiled more laps than I did at the circuit. I suppose that to win over the leaders at all stages, something more is needed, but the new cooperation is a big step forward towards the fight for the F-1 title of 2020. ”