Mattia Binotto: We will bring a number of new products to Baku

Mattia Binotto: We will bring a number of new products to Baku

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Before the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, Ferrari racers and team leader Mattia Binotto told about the features of the fourth stage of the season, which will be held on an interesting and challenging city highway in the center of Baku. By the way, while Scuderia did not manage to win there, and its best result remains the second place, won by Kimi Raikkonen last year.

Sebastian Vettel: “On this six-kilometer route there is a straight line 2.2 km long, the longest in the calendar, where we accelerate to 360 km / h, followed by intense braking before a slow left 1st turn.

The width of the route in the area of ​​the steep ascent that goes along the walls of the old city is only seven meters, and Formula 1 cars are very narrow there – as if you have to thread through the eye of a needle. Two cars do not fit there, so somehow you have to agree on who will drive first!

In Baku, it is quite difficult to determine the angle of attack of the wings, so that the car holds the track well in slow corners, but it was fast enough on straight lines, where for a long time we were driving at full throttle. Finding the right trade-off is not easy. ”

Charles Leclaire: “Azerbaijan is one of my favorite tracks, I just like it, and there I always performed well, won the race and got up on the podium in Formula 2, and last year I earned my first points in Formula 1. I always like to fly there , especially on the part of the route that goes along the fortress wall, where all these narrow turns.

The track is unique, nowhere in the world there is nothing like it. And the rule there is quite simple: never lose concentration, otherwise with the first mistake you run into fences. In Baku, the rider is required to show all his skill, but I already want to quickly get to the start. ”

Mattia Binotto, the head of the team “Behind the three races, which clearly did not go the way we wanted, and now we are waiting for the next important Grand Prix. We carefully prepare for it, analyze all the available information, look for areas in which improvements can be made, and work on the chassis and powerplant settings that correspond to the features of the Baku road.

There is a very long straight line, so special requirements are placed on the power plant, both for the internal combustion engine and for the elements of the hybrid part.

On this route is relatively easy to overtake, partly thanks to the DRS system, especially this year it works more efficiently. The coating is very smooth, and this means that the wear of the rubber in general will not be strong, but since the tires work with not very large loads, there may be difficulties with heating the rubber to the desired operating temperatures.

From past experience, we know that in Baku there is a high probability of the appearance of a safety car, and this important aspect must be kept in mind when developing race tactics. We will bring a number of new products to Azerbaijan – this is the first stage of the modernization of the SF90. ”