Mattia Binotto: Sebastian and Charles do not conflict

Mattia Binotto: Sebastian and Charles do not conflict

November 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The head of the Ferrari team Mattia Binotto spoke about the relationship between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Lecler. According to Binotto, the partners do not conflict with each other, and the team left in the past a clash at the stage in Brazil.

Mattia Binotto: “I can tell many funny stories related to Sebastian and Charles. They often have fun together, because they have a really good relationship. The truth is different from what you could read in the press. You might think that they conflict with each other on the highway, but this is not so.

Sebastian and Charles grabbed each other’s phones to see which photos they had. It was fun. It’s great that they like to spend time together.

Sebastian and Charles are good partners. First of all, they are both very fast. Secondly, they are good team players. Thirdly, in their person the team received a combination, on the one hand, of youth and talent, and on the other, a world champion with extensive experience.

We clarified the situation after what happened in Brazil. We talked on Sunday after the race and next week. The three of us and individually discussed everything and came to the conclusion that what happened was unacceptable. We know how to leave this in the past and move forward. ”

Speaking about preparations for the next season, Binotto said: “The 2020 car looks good, but it is too early to judge how fast it will turn out. We know that we have very strong rivals who will also build very good cars. Only at the beginning of the season will we know how well we have done.

We know our weaknesses and are trying to eliminate them in order to add in the future. Definitely a new car will get better, but now it’s too early to give any estimates. The novelty should become better in all areas – and the power plant, and aerodynamics, and the chassis. The whole team must add, and we have everything we need for this. ”