Mattia Binotto: I found out about my appointment from the newspaper

Mattia Binotto: I found out about my appointment from the newspaper

January 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Joining Ferrari as an intern in 1995, a year ago, Mattia Binotto led the team. In an interview with Ferrari Magazine, he remembered how this happened – and talked about last season …

Mattia Binotto: “I found out about my appointment from the newspaper. On January 7th I was supposed to fly to London, at the Bologna airport I bought a fresh Gazzetta dello Sport, where on the front page there was news that now I am in charge of the Ferrari team.

I can’t say that my life has become easier since then. I was the technical director, and 90% of the team is the technical staff, but now I am responsible for the remaining 10% – media relations, marketing, sponsorship, lawyers. There are other areas in which I feel less qualified than in technical matters. In addition, if I spent money on the post of technical director, but as a team leader I should think about saving and about income.

Key moments of the season? After disappointment in Melbourne, I would call a loss in Bahrain due to reliability problems. And Canada, where Sebastian was fined. The first half of the season could have turned out differently. The victories after the summer break in Spa, Monza and Singapore partially offset these disappointments. Yes, they were not enough to fight for the title, but these victories were very important for us and our fans. I remember with pleasure the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Scuderia in Milan before the Italian Grand Prix. The ovation of a huge crowd in red colors once again demonstrated that the legend of Ferrari is alive.

I am very pleased that the team has become one, that the spirit of partnership has grown. Now we really are one team, including racers – despite speculation in the press. In Brazil, after the incident, they first discussed everything among themselves, and then they called me and offered three solutions to the problem. I was impressed.

We have everything we need to succeed in 2020, but this does not guarantee anything. Our rivals are also doing everything possible. We have the support of incredible Tifozi and the glory of our brand, which we want to strengthen. ”