Mattia Binotto: I am very pleased, but very tired

Mattia Binotto: I am very pleased, but very tired

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The head of Scuderia Mattia Binotto is very pleased with the work of Charles Lecler, who won a victory for Ferrari in Monza for the first time since 2010, and the whole team, because for the second weekend in a row she manages to delight her fans.

Mattia Binotto: “This is fantastic! It does not matter who you are Рthe team leader or the mechanic Рsee how everyone is happy! For us, the whole week has been very successful. After a difficult start to the season, gaining a second victory in a row is a special achievement, especially since we won in Monza, Italy, in front of our fans. In general, we are just happy!

Charles Lecler restrained the onslaught of rivals, and pressure only irritates him. He piloted very well, after the summer break his work deserves all praise – this was evident from the way he defended his position today, avoiding mistakes.

But I also have to thank the team, we applied good tactics, chose the right tires, although it was not easy to defend, because after the pit stop the pressure was very strong, but at least towards the end of the second segment it became a little easier.

We understood that the best choice for defending the position would be tires of the toughest composition, we knew that we would be able to repel the attacks of rivals at least on straight lines, but at the same time we had to keep a high pace until the very finish. I think it was a bold but right decision.

Too many years have passed since our previous victory on this track, but even today the race took place in a very sharp fight – the key factor, perhaps, was that we started from the pole and held the lead. I am very, very pleased, but also very tired.

As for Sebastian Vettel, I have not had time to talk to him yet, I will see him later – it is unfortunate that he made a mistake when he was already catching up with Bottas, because Sebastian could also have a good race. ”