Mattia Binotto: Charles had a great weekend

Mattia Binotto: Charles had a great weekend

September 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the spa, Charles Lecler brought Ferrari the first victory of the season, which further motivates the team before the home race in Monza …

Charles Lecler (1st): “It is difficult to rejoice at the first victory in such a weekend. I grew up with Antoine, in 2005 we debuted in karting and chased with Pierre Gasli and Esteban Okon. I will never forget that. Huber’s death was a shock not only for me, but for everyone in motorsport. In a sense, I am glad to win today to honor his memory the way it should be done. He was a champion, and this victory is for him.

Everything went great in the race, but this result would not have been possible without the fantastic car that the team prepared for me. This weekend we have made progress in racing pace and working with tires. It was not easy for me in the last rounds – I saw how Lewis reduced the backlog more and more, so I focused on working behind the wheel. As a result, I was the first to cross the finish line and I must thank the team. “

Sebastian Vettel (4th): “A difficult race. At the start, I was able to regain my position in the fight against Lewis, but then the problems with the tires started, and I had to make a pit stop earlier than planned. At first I had a good pace on Medium, but then the speed dropped again. I tried to defend the second position, but could not. At that moment, the best thing was to make a pit stop again and finish without problems.

I need to find the reason for such a high degradation of rubber on my car. Of course, this is not the best weekend for me, but it went well for the team, and this is important. Congratulations to all and especially Charles Leclair on his first victory! ”

Mattia Binotto, Team Leader: “This victory will give us strength and motivation to succeed. After the start of the season, when we missed so many chances, it is very important for us to return to the right path after the summer break and show that we are competitive.

Congratulations to Charles on his first victory in Formula 1 – it is important that it happened on this track, because he and Antoine were close friends. This is the best way to pay tribute to him. Charles had a great weekend, starting on Friday, and deserved to win.

Sebastian had a good race and showed a good pace in the first segment, but we used to have his pit stop to protect his position. As a result, towards the end of the race, his tires were in poor condition. He helped his partner and once again showed that he was ready to work for the good of the team.

Ahead of the race in Monza. We look forward to this weekend and want to repeat this result on the home track. ”