Mattia Binotto avenged Sebastian Vettel

Mattia Binotto avenged Sebastian Vettel

June 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ferrari team spent the shooting day in Maranello. But only Charles Leclerc got behind the wheel of the SF1000, while Sebastian Vettel was not at all at the base in Maranello.

The lack of a four-time world champion of Formula 1 caused various rumors. And indeed Leclair’s photos without a partner look strange. After all, the first working day for the riders of Scuderia after several months of forced pause.

Some sources claim that the absence of Vettel is a mutual solution. On June 23, he and Leclair will conduct a shakedown on the Mugello track.

But the German Motorsport-Total writes that the head Mattia Binotto did not specifically invite the four-time world champion to shoot in Maranello. Such a gesture seemed to become a revenge for the fact that Vettel, unlike Leclair, did not agree to a salary reduction during the crisis-crown period. If really in the relationship between Vettel and Ferrari it came to such actions, then you can only imagine how difficult for them the last joint season will be …