Mass protests against the rise in fuel prices held in Europe

Mass protests against the rise in fuel prices held in Europe

November 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Residents of France went on an unauthorized action, protesting against the planned increase in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Since January 2019, European authorities have decided to increase the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel, explaining that the struggle for the environment and the desire to push the French to acquire new, more economical vehicles, including hybrids and electric cars.

However, this decision caused a wave of indignation from the French, who demanded the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron and the rejection of the tax increase. By coordinating their actions in social networks, thousands of citizens took to the streets of Paris. According to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the peak of the protest rally over 282 thousand people gathered.

Most of them blocked the roads around Paris, some tried to break through to the presidential palace, but they were stopped by the police and officers of military special units who used rubber batons, tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators. As a result, the number of victims in the actions amounted to 227 people, six of them are in serious condition, one person died in hospital. Among the police and military suffered five people. The police detained 117 people, 73 of them were subsequently taken into custody. Activists promise to return to the street.