Masi would prefer to keep the familiar weekend format

Masi would prefer to keep the familiar weekend format

October 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The weekend program in Suzuka was reduced due to the threat of typhoon Hagibis, and opinions were expressed that since this experience was quite successful, it should be developed. However, the FIA ​​racing director Mike Masi would prefer that in the future the schedule of stages of the championship remained familiar.

In Japan, the qualification was postponed from Saturday to Sunday morning, and the third training was simply canceled. According to Masi, he would not want to speculate on a possible change to the weekend program, but he believes that it should be left in the form in which it exists.

“The leadership of Formula 1 will discuss the format of the stages of the championship together with the promoters of the races,” said Masi. – We will all be involved in working out an optimal format that would correspond to the season calendar, but I would really not like to engage in speculation.

I think the teams have a certain number of employees who liked the fact that they had an extra day off! But for the future, I would prefer that there remains the three-day format that exists now, and that we continue to adhere to it. “

After the Japanese Grand Prix, Formula 1 sports director Ross Brown confirmed that the traditional weekend format would remain, but he was exploring the possibility of tightening the Friday program a bit so that teams and riders had the opportunity to arrive on the track a day later before the start of each stage.