Maserati will release two special models

Maserati will release two special models

July 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Two years ago, the Italian automaker unveiled a new top-end Trofeo performance of the Levante crossover. With its 590bhp bi-turbo V8, it has become the most powerful Maserati in the lineup. It looks like the Ghibli sedans and the Quattroporte Trofeo will soon join its ranks.

In addition to the announcement of new models, the company released one teaser image in which it revealed the debut date. The pictures were posted on the company’s official Twitter page.

There are no details about the new products yet, but based on the Levante Trofeo, we can assume that we will be shown. The Trofeo Quattroporte sedan will undoubtedly get the same 590bhp V8 as it already has a 523bhp version. Ghibli might as well get a V8.

These Trofeo models will also show the world that they are the fastest versions of Maserati vehicles. The Levante Trofeo features the most aggressive bodywork of any Levante, and this will undoubtedly be seen on sedans as well. It is possible that the engineers will also modify the suspension and brakes. We will find out about this very soon – the presentation is scheduled for August 10.