Maserati will release a completely new model of supercar Alfieri in 2020

Maserati will release a completely new model of supercar Alfieri in 2020

February 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that the stunning concept of Maserati Alfieri will not be another of the fantasies of the FCA Group as part of their five-year plan, as the company hinted that the model would go into production next year.

Although Maserati does not directly mention the name Alfieri, it stated that it will update the production lines in Modena to launch the mass production of the new model, which is described as “the characteristic Maserati sports car”.

Alfieri was first introduced as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014, and a year later FCA announced plans to release a production version, but due to problems in the corporation, the launch of a sports car on the market had to be postponed.

Four years ago, FCA announced that the Maserati Alfieri will appear with three V6 engines at 404, 444 and 513 horsepower. The basic version was supposed to get rear-wheel drive, while the two more powerful expensive – all-wheel drive system.

But over the years, the automotive world has changed significantly – according to the latest information, the Alfieri will become an electric sports car, which will be equipped with three electric motors and an all-wheel drive system. Specifications are not disclosed, but it is assumed that the acceleration of the supercar to 100 km / h will be in the region of two seconds, and the maximum speed – over 300 km / h.