Maserati will launch 13 new models

Maserati will launch 13 new models

September 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company has adjusted plans for the coming years

Maserati has revised its new model plan and brand rejuvenation program. Taking into account the already presented mid-engined MC20, 13 new models will appear in the line of the Italian brand by 2024, half of them are electric.

Maserati divides all future novelties into four categories: Halo – fashion products like MC20, Large – large models, Full size – full-size cars, Medium – medium-sized models, which includes the announced Grecale crossover. And within each category there are three more segments: passenger cars, sports cars and off-road vehicles. According to the plan, after the mid-engined MC20 coupe, the company will present an open version of the two-door and its electric version. The generation will also replace the Quatttoporte sedan, and at the same time will receive an electric modification.

By analogy, the GranTurismo and GranCabrio will be updated, which, like the next Levante crossover, relies on a battery version. The Grecale SUV announced on the eve will also have an economical version: it is rumored to be built on a Giorgio rear-wheel drive bogie from Alfa Romeo Giulia, and in terms of dimensions it will fall into the D segment according to the European size classification.

Electrification is a forced measure. The company does not want to pay huge fines for exceeding emission standards, so it will gradually “green” the entire model range. The process began with the Ghibli Hydrid, a mild hybrid with an electric compressor and a 48-volt starter-generator.