Maserati starts selling powerful versions of the Levante crossover

Maserati starts selling powerful versions of the Levante crossover

July 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Italians prestigious car brand announced the start of sales of the mid-size Levante crossover in high-performance versions of Trophy and GTS. Under their hoods are powerful engines for 580 and 530 hp respectively.

The press service of the Italian automobile brand Maserati has published information that sales of the Levante crossover in more powerful versions of Trophy and GTS will start soon. We are still talking about the home market.

 In the case of the execution of the Trophy, the power of the 3.8-liter V8 is 580 horses, well, the GTS version can boast of “only” 530 hp Both variants of the same motor have a torque of 700+ Nm. Plus, reconfigured 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system Q4.

 Engineers of the Italian automaker seriously modernized the power plant – more high-performance valves, turbines, pistons and connecting rods were installed, and electronics were also changed.

In addition to the modified engine, the “charged” versions of the Maserati Levante crossover can boast a pneumatic suspension, which has four driving modes – off-road, standard, sport, race (Corsa). It is in Corsa mode that it will be possible to use the start control function (launcher control), thanks to which, starting from 0 to 100 km / h takes 4.0 seconds. By the way, the maximum speed of the crossover in both high-performance versions is 300 km / h and this despite the fact that the car weighs about 2,000 kg.

 Now about the prices for the Maserati Levante crossover in the performance of GTS prices start at 139,000 euros, but in the case of the Trophy, the starting “bar” is at around 160,000 euros

So long ago, our publication wrote that the Maserati will stop producing compact models. The premium brand from Italy told about their plans for the near future: the brand intends to refuse to release cars whose dimensions will be smaller than the current versions of Ghibli and Levante.