Maserati MilleMiglia or the concept of the company’s new roadster

Maserati MilleMiglia or the concept of the company’s new roadster

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A similar roadster, made in retro style and offering a fully electric powerplant would be one of the most striking models of the Italian brand.

The Maserati Roadmap for the coming years speaks of the emergence of new models and the electrification of the entire current model range. Strange, but it lacks a single speedster, which is so necessary to emphasize the sporting nature of the company. We know that next year Maserati will release a completely new sports car, which will also be offered with an all-electric powerplant and will be the first such offer from the automaker. It will replace the current GranTurismo model for a whole year – and then the GranTurismo will return to operation, although the new Maserati should become larger in size.

Now more and more car manufacturers are trying to release their best electric car, and what is the best way to express themselves than a sports car with an electric motor, similar to the one presented above?

It is called the Maserati MilleMiglia, and the artist Luca Serafini worked on its creation, using the Maserati 250F and 6CM with open wheels as inspiration. The MilleMiglia rendering lacks the design of past wheeled vehicles – damn safety precautions.

 MilleMiglia rendering abounds with curving body lines. The car, made in the Italian Avio style, combines the classic Maserati style and modern design trends. Stunning LED daytime running lights, taillights and a unique optional brake light that travels vertically upwards. Small details such as side mirrors look great, as do doors that have hinges at the rear and open upwards.

 Inside, the Maserati MilleMiglia is just as amazing as the outside. In his sandy and beige interior, oriented to the driver, there is a huge amount of carbon fiber, including a pentagon-shaped steering wheel made of it. The driver sits in the center of the cabin, and a five-point racing belt ensures its safety.