Maserati MC20 Presumably Gets 600-strong Twin-Turbo V6

Maserati MC20 Presumably Gets 600-strong Twin-Turbo V6

April 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The foreign publication Car and Driver got information that the new Italian supercar will be able to boast more than 600 horsepower from its new twin-turbo V6 engine.

“The Italian brand is ready for a reboot,” that’s what company representatives say. The upcoming MC20 supercar will be the first model of the company with which this “reboot” should actually begin, and its official presentation was supposed to be held in May of this year. Then came the coronavirus, which hit Italy exceptionally hard, forcing the Maserati leadership to postpone its big debut until September. We look forward to this event to finally see the new product.

 It is not reported where this data came from, so you should not believe it for all 100. We know that Maserati is developing its own V6 engine and it will be installed in the new MC20.

An eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox will be offered as a transmission. It is reported that the supercar will also be available with a hybrid powertrain, as well as with a fully electric motor.

Why is this car so important to the Maserati? The automaker considers the MC20 to be the spiritual successor to its legendary MC12, which was indeed a redesigned version of another Italian supercar, the Ferrari Enzo. However, when the MC20 finally appears, it should be a full-fledged Maserati supercar, thanks to its promising engine. So yes, a 600-horsepower mid-engined supercar with a unique style will be important to the Maserati.

 In fact, it is so important for the company that Maserati connects the MC20 debut with something new for his hometown. This is especially true since Italy is recovering from COVID-19 infection, where the number of deaths at the time of publication of this article is almost 20,000.